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Откуда появилась стабильность керамического волокна?

Откуда появилась стабильность керамического волокна?

The ceramic fiber blanket is made of aluminum silicate fiber cotton as the raw material, refined by vacuum forming or dry process through drying and machining. The aluminum silicate blanket has a hard texture, excellent toughness and strength, and has good wind erosion resistance. .

It is non-expansive in heating, light in weight, convenient in construction, and can be cut and bent at will. It is an ideal energy-saving material for kilns, pipes and other thermal insulation equipment.

Ceramic fiber blanket should be folded and processed to a specified size with a thickness of 20 or 25mm ceramic fiber needle punched blanket, and only the folded surface is used as the high temperature heating surface. The module should be temporarily tightened to the specified size in order to maintain the compression amount of the ceramic fiber module and its size and shape before installation.

The permanent metal anchors in the MA and MB modules should be limited to a third of the thickness of the module from the low temperature end of the module, and should be embedded in a sufficient blanket layer to ensure that the module is stable under various conditions of use.