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After hearing the ceramic fiber blanket

After hearing the ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket is a new type of green environmental protection material, and its manufacturing method is also very simple. Some of the commonly used materials, such as aluminosilicate plates, are adopted, and are manufactured at a time by a manufacturing process such as melting.

Ceramic fiber blankets are also widely used.

First, it can be used for sealing of furnaces in industry.

Second, it can be used for thermal insulation and fire prevention operations such as fire doors in the construction industry.

Third, ceramic fiber blankets can be used for heat insulation and heat insulation in high-temperature equipment such as electric power.

Fourth, it can be used to heat pipes in the equipment.

Fifth, the demand for fire protection work in high-rise buildings is good. We can use ceramic fiber blankets as fire insulation materials.

Sixth, the chemical reaction of gas or liquid in high-temperature equipment requires a large reactor and strong heat resistance, and we can use ceramic fiber blanket as a filter.

Seventh, the welding materials demand a good thermal insulation edge, we can use the ceramic fiber blanket good thermal insulation properties as adiabatic data.

When you hear the name of the ceramic fiber blanket, will there be a felt that is woven with the latest technology?

But the credible answer is wrong. Ceramic fiber blankets are actually one of the many thermal insulation materials kingdoms. They are materials that use aluminum silicate as the original data and have been processed by special techniques and techniques.

Ceramic fiber blankets are not specifically referred to as a kind of insulation materials. They are divided into two varieties according to the different production processes used in production. They are separated from needle-punched felts and needle-punched blankets.

If the classification is based on the original materials and formulas used in the production process, then there are more varieties, which are divided into six categories.

These six kinds are divided into six types: zirconium type, standard type, bismuth aluminum type, high aluminum type, high purity type and common type.

There are many varieties of ceramic fiber blankets, so the operators must be cautious when making selections. You can consult more before you choose, so as to avoid the situation of buying the wrong product, and bring unnecessary trouble to yourself.