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Analysis of common problems about ceramic fiber blanket

Analysis of common problems about ceramic fiber blanket

For the users of the chief ceramic fiber blankets, there are many problems that will be encountered when purchasing. In order to avoid various problems when users purchase ceramic fiber blankets, let us take a look at this emerging insulation product – Ceramic fiber blanket.

  1. Quality is proportional to price. This law is constant regardless of the industry. The same is true in the ceramic fiber blanket industry. If the low price is pursued regardless of the quality, the performance of the purchased ceramic fiber blanket will be greatly reduced, and the effect it can exert will naturally be unsatisfactory, so the ceramic fiber is purchased. The carpet can’t just be cheap and ignore the price.
  2. Some people think that polystyrene board used for decades abroad is blindly appreciative and rejects other insulation system technologies. In fact, the more popular insulation materials in the world are ceramic fiber blankets, not only because they prefer better performance, but also because ceramic fiber blankets are still a kind of green energy-saving insulation products, which can be realized with the advancement of technology. Reuse of ceramic fiber blankets to avoid unnecessary environmental pollution and waste of resources.
  3. Some people think that the thermal conductivity of the heat-insulating refractory material with closed holes is low, which is a good product. In the eyes of the user, the key to judging the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket lies in its white purity and needle flower. The whiter the color, the better the ceramic fiber blanket, and the quality of the needle flower is also proportional to the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket. The quality of the ceramic fiber carpet with closed holes is not necessarily good.
  4. Some people choose it as the main material for external insulation only by the thermal conductivity or the water absorption rate as the basis for evaluation. Judging the quality of ceramic fiber blankets needs to be investigated in many aspects, including not only thermal conductivity or water absorption, but also tensile strength, permanent line shrinkage color purity, volumetric bulk density, etc., so we can not rely on one or technical indicators alone. To judge the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket.

After understanding these problems, I believe that we will help you to buy ceramic fiber blankets. Our company produces various types of high-quality ceramic fiber blankets all the year round. Welcome customers to visit our company. We will be happy to provide you with the best quality. service.