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Application field of ceramic fiber blanket

Application field of ceramic fiber blanket

At present, the application of ceramic fiber blanket is very extensive, mainly because of its special performance, and it can make up for some defects of traditional insulation materials, which has been greatly welcomed by consumers, then we will look at the ceramics in this process. What are the broad application areas of fiber blankets.

There are many places in the project that need our attention. Because a project links many people’s lives and property safety, so the safety of the project is mentioned as the primary position, then fire prevention and corrosion prevention is the biggest problem in the process of project construction.

So today we have mentioned that the ceramic fiber blanket has these advantages. It has good fire and corrosion resistance as a building material, and can solve a series of residential problems encountered in the process of building use.

Many insulation materials are easily exposed to wind and sun, and eventually become ruined. This is called resistance to corrosion, but the corrosion resistance of ceramic fiber blankets is very strong, and almost no corrosion will occur after use.

In the case of basic non-replacement in the process of use, it can absorb the corresponding noise in the process, and it is widely used in buildings. Now it has been sought after by many users of building materials.