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Application of ceramic fiber blanket

Application of ceramic fiber blanket

The ceramic fiber blanket is a multi-functional insulation material that combines heat insulation and insulation. It can be used for high temperature up to 1450 °C, and is available in a variety of temperatures and sizes when purchased. Its application range is also wider than other insulation materials.

To be broad, the specific application scope includes:

Annealing and glass kiln, reformers and pipelines in petrochemicals, fertilizer and boiler lining industry, high temperature pipe insulation, HRSG and stacked lining, glass furnace insulation, Trundish Cover, transfer of cars in steel plants, immersion pit seals and expansion joints, kiln Furnace, ceramic industry kiln car, annealed bottom seal, reusable insulation blanket for welding stress relief, insulation blankets for steam and gas turbines and fire insulation, investment casting mold insulation, refractory lining and roofing Temporary repairs, high temperature filter media/gaskets, door seals, linings and gaskets, high temperature sound absorption and nuclear insulation applications.