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Application of ceramic fiber blanket in aerospace

Application of ceramic fiber blanket in aerospace

Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of thermal insulation material with good performance. It has been widely used in many fields due to its many advantages, such as chemical industry, construction industry and electronics industry.

But you know, it can also be applied in the aerospace industry.

For most people, the aerospace industry is a very sophisticated industry. How can ceramic fiber carpets be applied in this industry?

The ceramic fiber blanket is made of high-quality coke gemstone after being melted at a temperature of more than two thousand degrees Celsius and processed through multiple processes. It has strong stability, and it is used in the field of aerospace, which faces the ever-changing climate every day. Ceramic fiber blankets are very safe.

Moreover, its quality is extremely light, and the quality requirements in the aerospace industry are also very high. After all, it is necessary to overcome the influence of factors such as gravity, which can ensure that it has advantages over other similar products. It is also very valuable, that is, it does not deform at high temperatures of several thousand degrees, which is very safe for high temperature conditions.

The ceramic fiber blanket has a place in the aerospace industry and is inseparable from its advantages.