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Application of ceramic fiber blanket in daily life

Ceramic fiber blanket is no stranger in our daily life. As a new type of material, it does not pollute the environment and is a green inorganic product.

Good thermal insulation function, widely used in home wall applications. Even under high temperature and low temperature conditions, its properties cannot be changed.

Its manufacturing process is more complicated. The raw materials must be heated to above 2000 degrees Celsius and then sprayed to form a fibrous body.

At the same time, the binder and other reagents are added, and finally it is cured and formed.

Generally, the wire length of this material is about 5 times the length of ordinary insulation materials, so the thermal conductivity can be reduced by about 20% at the same temperature, and the good stability ensures a longer time to serve you.

Good fireproof performance can prevent fire from harming you. Now fire doors in many homes are made of materials, which improves the safety factor.

The ceramic fiber blanket produced by our factory has various specifications, you can choose and buy according to your needs. If you want to know more product information, please contact us.