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Be careful when transporting ceramic fiber blankets

Be careful when transporting ceramic fiber blankets

What insulation material is suitable for laying on a large area?

Does ceramic fiber blanket appear in your mind?

Indeed, ceramic fiber blanket is a material with complete performance and stable structure. Its weight is relatively light, but you must be careful when transporting it.

Ceramic fiber blanket is different from other transportation materials. Although its weight is not very heavy, its volume is relatively large. Moreover, this type of insulation material is very taboo to get wet.

Therefore, if we do not pay attention to using some canvas to cover them when transporting these materials, it will be very troublesome during the entire transportation process in humid weather or rainy weather. These accidents will cause the deterioration of the materials, thus greatly reducing Its thermal insulation performance is something we don’t want to see.

According to the overall transportation situation, the transportation of these materials is fairly easy, but there are many details that need to be paid attention to. If we can pay attention to these details, the ceramic fiber blanket can be transported to the station smoothly.