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Brief introduction of ceramic fiber blanket

Brief introduction of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of high temperature resistance which is widely used in construction, industry, military, aerospace and other fields, and has played a great role, and its effect is beyond doubt.

As the name suggests, ceramic fiber blanket is made of aluminum silicate as the main raw material through a series of processing. It is a kind of cotton quilt, which is white and porous. It has excellent compression, tensile and temperature resistance. It is worth mentioning that ceramic fiber blankets have good temperature resistance and strong compression performance in my country. Made a huge contribution to the aerospace industry.

In addition, aluminum silicate needle punching does not add any binding agent, so aluminum silicate needle punching can be used in any environment without destroying its original performance and not easy to deform. This is something other materials cannot do.

The form of ceramic fiber blanket in my country is very good, the demand is large, and the market prospect is very good. And with the continuous development of modern social science and technology, ceramic fiber blankets do not continue to strengthen themselves on the original performance.

Make it better cater to the rapidly developing society and science and technology. The guarantee period has a leading position in the same field.