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Buy the correct purchase of ceramic fiber blanket

When the ceramic fiber blanket is used again, it has good heat preservation and environmental protection functions. It is very important to apply it to a good product. Let’s talk about the correct way to buy ceramic fiber blankets. This information will not be used anymore when it is used later.

High-quality ceramic fiber blanket products are neatly sized, white in color, light in weight, good in tensile strength and toughness; and ceramic fiber blankets are chemically stable, strong in sound absorption and noise reduction, and used in neutral and oxidizing atmospheres. Still can maintain good use.

Ceramic fiber blankets are widely used in adiabatic insulation in steel, aerospace, electric power and other industries. They can also be used in industrial building materials furnaces, heating equipment, high-temperature pipeline wall-lined power boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power insulation.

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