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Ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of insulating refractory material made of ceramic fiber and using electric resistance furnace technology.

According to different production processes, it can be divided into silk fiber blanket and spray fiber blanket;

According to different raw materials and formulations, it can be divided into: ordinary type (STD), high purity type (HP), high aluminum type (HA), zirconium aluminum type, standard type, and zirconium type (ZA).

The ceramic fiber blanket is made of high-quality coke gemstones melted at a temperature of more than two thousand degrees Celsius and solidified with other additives. It has many special properties, such as good extensibility, strong shock resistance, light weight and excellent heat insulation. It has strong stability and does not deform under high temperature of several thousand degrees. Therefore, ceramic fiber blankets are often used in various fields such as chemical industry, construction industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, military industry, air conditioning refrigeration.

Product features: white color, regular size, set fire resistance, heat insulation, insulation in one, without any binder.
The ceramic fiber blanket can maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure when used for a long time under neutral and oxidizing atmosphere. The temperature resistance is 950-1400 °C.

Resistant to thermal shock and erosion; excellent sound insulation and folding resistance; excellent thermal insulation performance and low thermal conductivity; high fiber rebound and shrinkage at high temperature; easy to process and install without any additives.

The specifications of the ceramic fiber blanket are white and generally stacked and stored. They have good toughness and can be kept under heavy pressure.

Compared with other insulation materials, this material has stronger tensile strength and does not have to worry about its damage during use. It is commonly used in the exterior wall insulation construction of buildings, which can effectively insulate and maintain indoor temperature. It is another The purpose is fire protection, which is due to its high temperature resistance. In addition, there are many applications of ceramic fiber blankets, which can be used in many fields such as industrial equipment, chemicals, and the like.