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Ceramic fiber blanket application in the construction industry

Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of insulation refractory material which is made of aluminum silicate as raw material and is made of special aluminosilicate long fiber. It is used in different industries. The following is only for everyone in the construction industry. application:

The ceramic fiber blanket transforms the building structure from the traditional masonry structure to the reinforced concrete structure. It is the development and use of non-toxic building plastics, which can be used as a substitute for galvanized steel pipes for building water supply projects;

Replacing the radical sintered clay brick with lightweight slabs and hollow blocks not only reduces the weight of the wall, but also improves the thermal insulation performance of the wall. The data, construction, structure, and construction are closely related. Fundamentally, the data is the basis, and the data determines the form of the building and the method of construction.

The presentation of new materials can promote changes in architectural forms, improvements in structural design methods, and innovations in construction techniques. Aluminum silicate cotton and its products Aluminosilicate fibers, also known as refractory fibers.

A ceramic fiber blanket made of a certain binder is added to an aluminum silicate product of aluminum silicate to form a flexible flat product by a needle punching method.

Silicic acid cotton products have excellent properties such as light weight, stable physical and chemical properties, high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical properties and good filling properties.

At present, aluminum silicate cotton and its products are mainly used in the field of industrial production. There are not many applications in the field of construction. It is mainly used for lining and heat insulation of various industrial furnaces with coal, oil, gas and electricity as energy sources. It is realized by the corresponding building materials.

Ceramic fiber blankets are widely used in the construction industry. They have very good insulation effect and strong fire resistance. I believe that there will be more and more use of them in the future. These brief introductions are hopeful to help you.