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Ceramic fiber blanket capable of radiation protection

Ceramic fiber blanket capable of radiation protection

One of the many excellent properties of ceramics is radiation protection, which is recognized by many people in the industry, but the radiation protection of ceramic fiber blankets is also distinguished according to the quality and practical application of ceramic fiber blankets. The primary cause of damage to the ceramic fibers in the pre-monotonic belt is the presence of moisture and harmful gases in the monotonic medium.

The primary cause of fiber damage in this section is due to the various reactions between the harmful substances present in the pre-tropical glaze and the ceramic fibers.

The reason why the ceramic fiber in the firing zone is damaged is that the crystallization and crystal growth of the ceramic fiber and the mutual sintering of the fiber are high at a high temperature, and the volume is shortened unevenly to cause detachment and pulverization.

At the same time, the presence of corrosive gases and wind erosion of the gas stream further accelerate the rate at which the fibers are destroyed. In the cooling zone, the service life of the ceramic fiber is relatively longer.

The various furnace gases produced in the production process of ceramic fiber products cause corrosion of the ceramic fibers, which may result in a decrease in the use temperature of the ceramic fiber blanket.

The radiation protection function of the ceramic fiber blanket is based on the strict selection of its raw materials. In addition, in order to maximize the efficacy of the ceramic fiber blanket, mature technology and perfect production process are required. Our company produces all kinds of high-quality ceramic fiber blankets all the year round. Welcome customers to visit our company. We will be happy to provide you with the best service.