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Ceramic fiber blanket construction precautions

Ceramic fiber blanket construction precautions

Ceramic fiber blanket production line manufacturer’s ultra-fine glass wool felt steel structure special glass cotton wool felt glass wool is a unique centrifugal technology, which is made of molten glass fiber and thermosetting resin-based environmentally friendly formula binder.

It is a kind of elastic glass fiber products made of glass fiber with a diameter of only a few microns, and can be selected for online compounding of moisture-proof veneers according to different customer requirements.

Because it has a large number of tiny air gaps, it plays the role of thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction and safety protection. It is the best material for building thermal insulation and sound absorption.

Because it is a equipment room, the water and electricity pipelines on the indoor wall are relatively relatively. All the water and electricity pipelines should be installed in place before the civil construction. Because the equipment type and selection during the installation process are not very stable, the civil construction wall will inevitably appear during the construction process.

After the completion of construction, the increase of water and electricity pipelines will occur.

Therefore, during the construction process, we must pay attention to strengthening the technical work in this aspect, and strive to solve all the problems before avoiding unnecessary troubles caused by the construction of the cross.

Unique advantages: more versatile pasting. Unique technology:

The rebound rate after compression packaging is 99.2%. Soft, slender glass fibers minimize the generation of fly ash during construction.

Sound absorption and noise reduction can effectively prevent sound from spreading. Class A1 non-combustible material. The construction is simple and free to cut. Antibacterial, anti-mild, anti-aging, anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment. The moisture resistance is extremely high and effectively prevents water vapor from penetrating.

Through the standard Australian and New Zealand AS standard SGS standard MSDS EU CE standard CE fire rating A1 standard GB/T13350-2000 [picture] Scope of application for steel structures, industrial plants, warehouses, public facilities, exhibition centers, shopping malls, and various indoors Thermal insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction built in playgrounds, sports venues, etc.

Product specifications are also available in other specifications. For enquiries, please also fly. The standard size is 50mm.

The keel of the wall of the ventilated machine room needs to be fixed according to the size of the gypsum board. During construction, the wire is placed from the door opening, that is, the door opening is required.

The gypsum board is a monolithic piece, and the non-monolithic material is placed at the corner of the wall. Construction line must be accurate. The packaging method glass wool is all made of transparent waterproof packaging, which is convenient for intuitive products.

In order to meet the needs of logistics distribution, the products use new technologies in compression and enhancement of packaging strength.

The high-performance rebound rate is the embodiment of professional technology. We accept OEM products for different brands in the world.