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Ceramic fiber blanket cost-effective

Ceramic fiber blanket cost-effective

As a lining material, ceramic fiber blanket can be used for thermal insulation lining of industrial kiln, metallurgical furnace, petrochemical reaction equipment, and heat insulation lining of metal material heat treatment furnace and ceramic kiln.

     When used as thermal insulation material, it can be used for filling and heat insulation of industrial furnace walls, filling and insulation between furnace wall refractory bricks and refractory insulation bricks, insulation of aircraft jet conduits, jet engines and other high temperature pipelines, and steel pipe manufacturing process. The bending of large-diameter steel pipe joints and the bending of large-diameter pipes.

In addition, the ceramic fiber blanket can also be used for the insulation of long-distance gas supply pipelines. When the high-quality ceramic fiber blanket is used for heat preservation, the thickness of the insulation layer is not less than 180mm, which can meet the requirements of heat preservation optimization of the f530mm×20mm long-distance gas supply pipeline.

     Due to the soft formability during construction, the ceramic fiber blanket can be applied to various complicated heat insulation parts. After drying, it becomes a light-weight, surface-hardened and elastic insulation system, which allows wind erosion resistance up to 30 m/s.