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Ceramic fiber blanket density

Ceramic fiber blanket density

Density: 80-130kg/m3 Thickness: 15-50mm Width: 400, 600, 1200mm
  Length: Ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers can be customized according to user requirements.
  According to different uses: aluminum silicate fiber roll felt, aluminum silicate fiber flat felt.
  Use of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket
  1. Industrial kiln, heating equipment, high temperature pipeline wall lining.
  2. Wall lining of chemical high temperature reverberation equipment and heating equipment.
  3. Fire protection and heat insulation of high-rise buildings.
  4, welded parts and expanded metal castings to eliminate stress insulation
  5, kiln furnace door cover insulation, glass pool kiln insulation.
      The above content is the introduction of ceramic fiber blankets brought by ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers.