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Ceramic fiber blanket has good fire resistance

Ceramic fiber blankets improve the preservation of thermal efficiency. However, with regard to some special-shaped kiln, ceramic fiber blankets may not be used as insulation materials for the time being. Therefore, its development and application are also being improved.

It uses high-quality aluminum silicate fiber filaments through double-sided needle punching process. After double-sided needling process, the fiber interlacing degree, anti-layering function, tensile strength and appearance flatness are greatly improved.

Ceramic fiber blankets have good fire resistance and are often used in industrial thermal insulation. As thermal insulation and refractory materials for high-temperature furnaces, ceramic fiber blankets can only provide good thermal insulation, so they can save more heat. 1.2 times the energy-saving ability such as thermal insulation bricks.

The ceramic fiber used in the spinning blanket is thicker and longer than the blown blanket. Therefore, the spinning blanket has higher tensile and flexural strength than the blown blanket, which is suitable for the requirements of the opposite folding tensile strength. Insulation environment.