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Ceramic fiber blanket has great effect

Ceramic fiber blanket has great effect

Speaking of the role of ceramic fiber blankets, I have to write an article. In order to let everyone quickly understand ceramic fiber blankets, our factory has explained its main functions. I hope these are useful to you.

Shandong ceramic fiber blanket

For ceramic fiber blankets, its most important and common function is to keep warm.

This material is forged at a temperature of 2000 degrees Celsius or more. The rigorous manufacturing process makes it have good high temperature resistance, shock resistance and friction resistance.

And even if it is placed in a higher temperature environment, its structure and performance will not be affected.

In recent years, the development of my country’s aerospace industry can be described as rapid progress. We all know that equipment used in aerospace must have very strong high temperature resistance and fire resistance, and ceramic fiber blankets can take on this task.

It can not only withstand the heat generated by friction during the operation of the spacecraft, but also reduce vibration, so that the spacecraft can fly smoothly.