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Ceramic fiber blanket is a green insulation material

Ceramic fiber blanket is a green insulation material

Ceramic fiber blanket material is a new type of insulation material, and it is also a green material that is uncompromising. It has been in the building materials market in China for nearly a decade. In the past, many traditional ceramic fiber blanket manufacturing techniques have often adopted hollow extraction techniques, and the procedures are relatively complicated.

At present, many new technologies have begun to be integrated. For example, China’s current four-core high-speed centrifugal equipment and added components have greatly accelerated the production speed of ceramic fiber blankets.

Due to the limitations of technology and many special factors, many foreign ceramic fiber blanket production will have many problems, so the export has become a sales situation of many ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers.

On the whole, the import and export of China’s ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers has risen year after year, and it has become a unique foreign exchange income.

China is currently the most developed area in the world’s construction industry, and is also the concentrated area of ​​industrial enterprises.

Therefore, the production of ceramic fiber blankets today has no stagnation and retreat, and still shows a relatively high growth trend.

However, with the saturation of the industry, many small ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers are also facing tremendous competitive pressure.

Ceramic fiber blankets should pay attention to some problems when using them, so that the service life of ceramic fiber blankets can be prolonged, and the ceramic fiber blankets can play a better role.

Equipments such as heat preservation facilities and pipes should be leak-free, and the surface is dry. It has grease and is not rusted. In order to facilitate corrosion protection, a suitable coating can be taken.

In order to achieve better insulation, all the joints should be butt jointed. In the case of multi-layer insulation, the seams of each layer should be staggered to achieve better insulation.

In the place for outdoor insulation or mechanical wear, use metal or plastic foreskin, and pay attention to the sealing of the joint, it is best to use a rubberized seal to wrap;

when used for cold preservation, add a moisture barrier on the cold surface, When the temperature is extremely low, the ceramic fiber blanket without resin is used for heat insulation, and the moisture barrier layer must also be fireproof;

when the heat preservation object is placed vertically, when it has a considerable height, the insulation layer must have a support ring. The spacing is no more than 3 meters.

In order to prevent the insulation material from falling down in the presence of vibration; outdoor insulation, cold preservation construction should not be carried out in rainy days, or rain protection measures should be taken.