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Ceramic fiber blanket is divided into several levels

Ceramic fiber blanket is divided into several levels

There are three, six, nine, etc., and all things in the world have excellent and poor. As industrial products, ceramic fiber blankets as thermal insulation materials are also divided into several major levels due to the different degrees of process.

Is of course ordinary. Just like tens of millions of people, ordinary needle punch blankets just reach the minimum standard line. Its classification temperature has reached one thousand and one, but the actual operating temperature is just over one thousand. It may be very high for the human body, but as a thermal insulation material, it can only pass.

The second one is the standard type, that is, the one that is better than the shortcoming. It can also be said to be a public standard, which is slightly better than the passing line. Taking the exam as an analogy, it is a perfect score of 150, and a score of 100 is obtained. That’s all.

Further up is the high purity type and high aluminum type with high purity. Their purity and the content of certain molecules are very high, and the temperature they can withstand in actual work is much higher than the previous two.

After is the zirconium-containing type, zirconium is also an indispensable part of the insulation material. Its own temperature tolerance is not low. Adding it to the acupuncture blanket increases the thermal insulation ability of the acupuncture blanket.

Because there are currently many manufacturers of ceramic fiber blankets, choosing a manufacturer often becomes a problem. How can we find a good manufacturer? The most important thing about this matter is that we must compare more.

Shop around, don’t lose money, go to find out more when you are fine, so that you can actually find a good business, so it is also recommended that you pay attention to these situations when looking for manufacturers.