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Ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers give great love

Ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers give great love

At this stage, in the construction, chemical, aerospace and other industries, the most common insulation and refractory material we see is ceramic fiber blankets. Its performance has been highly praised by consumers.

And in the new year, our ceramic fiber blanket manufacturer will give you great dedication to provide you with more superior products.

First of all, we have processed and improved the previous products. The raw material selected is high-quality aluminum silicate.

After calcining the scorched gemstone and heating it to 2000°C, adding additives to it to achieve cooling and solidification, it is finally processed through an electric cathode furnace process.

The common ceramic fiber blanket is white and porous. It looks more like a cotton quilt. It can effectively resist tension and pressure, and is not easy to deform. The raw materials are made into tubes and plates according to the needs of users. In addition to being used in construction, our ceramic fiber blankets can also be used as high-temperature gaskets, refractory layers, and thermal insulation layers. They are also commonly used as high-temperature thermal insulation materials for aerospace power, making great contributions to my country’s aerospace industry.