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Ceramic fiber blanket process introduction

Ceramic fiber blanket process introduction

The process flow in the production of ceramic fiber blanket can be summarized as lime digestion, mixing ingredients, heating gel, pressure forming, autoclave hardening and drying and dehydration. Here will give you a specific introduction, let you more Learn about the product.

  1. Lime water digestion: this step needs to be filtered through three filters, then the filtered lime water can be put into the slurry tank, and then the mixed thick glue solution needs to be sent to the gel tank by a pump Heating the gel in.

After that, it can be sent to the hydraulic press for compression molding, and then sent to the drying room for drying and dehydration, and the finished product can be put into storage after sampling quality inspection.

Ceramic fiber blanket molding process: mainly divided into casting molding and pressing molding. Among them, the casting mold is relatively simple and the production cost is relatively low. However, the products after steam curing in this way need to be reshaped, and it is easy to have uneven structure and incomplete shape;

Compression molding requires a special press and expensive molds, so the appearance of the steam-cured product is relatively complete and the structure is relatively uniform.

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