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Ceramic fiber blankets achieve heat control

Ceramic fiber blankets achieve heat control

Shandong Zouyu International Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ceramic fiber blankets.

With the increase of national energy conservation and emission reduction, the increase of ceramic fiber production has become inevitable.

Coupled with the continuous updating of industrial production heat treatment, the performance of ceramic fiber blankets is improved, energy consumption is reduced, and heat energy is increased, making it the hottest product in the future.

     In recent years, ceramic fiber blankets have been widely used.

Especially in the kiln insulation, its role is getting bigger and bigger.

The basic function of the ceramic fiber blanket is to play the role of refractory, heat insulation and high temperature reflection inside the kiln. It has energy-saving effect on the inner wall insulation of the kiln, and is insulated by the gap between the aluminum silicate fibers. The air’s inert gas has a very low thermal conductivity and heat reflection has a high reflectivity. It can reflect heat back into the kiln to achieve the best control of heat.