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Characteristics of ceramic fiber blankets when used

Characteristics of ceramic fiber blankets when used

What are the characteristics of ceramic fiber blankets when used?

As a cost-effective insulation material, this product is widely used in ships, construction sites, furnaces and other industries, and has won unanimous praise from the industry.

Ceramic fiber blankets are divided into: standard type, high-purity type, high-aluminum type blanket, containing zirconium type, etc. Classification is not used, and the effect achieved is also different.

As a professional manufacturer of ceramic fiber blankets, our company adopts advanced CWCN equipment. Double-sided fiber blanket production line. Its equipment and production process are at the leading level. Various fiber fiber blankets. Raw materials without materials (such as coke gems, Silica, aluminum oxide, zircon sand and other mixed), the fiber is made by sedimentation acupuncture, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, rolling and other processes.

The texture is uniform, the surface is flat, and the tensile strength is excellent. Since the ceramic fiber blanket itself does not contain a binder, the heat resistance is greatly improved.

The ceramic fiber blanket also has low thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, excellent heat insulation, fire resistance and sound absorption.

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