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Common sense of the use of ceramic fiber blankets

Common sense of the use of ceramic fiber blankets

As ceramic fiber blankets are becoming more and more well known, their use in life is more and more extensive. Although ceramic fiber blankets have a series of excellent properties, if used improperly, the excellent performance of ceramic fiber blankets cannot be obtained. Fully play, therefore, the ceramic fiber blanket should pay attention to the following points during use.

First: Ceramic fiber blankets have their own use temperature, and should be used in the process of use. If the temperature is too high, the internal fiber structure will be destroyed, resulting in a decrease in the toughness of the ceramic fiber blanket and easily destroying its original shape.

Second: the ceramic fiber blanket has poor performance in anti-airflow erosion and anti-flaking, and it is easy to be pulverized and fall off after being exposed to the environment for a long time.

Third: Not all ceramic fiber blankets are water-repellent. When you are not sure about water repellency, you should avoid contact with water when storing, transporting and using them.

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