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Construction regulations for ceramic fiber blankets

Construction regulations for ceramic fiber blankets

Briefly introduce the construction method and relevant regulations of ceramic fiber blanket.

First of all, in the construction process, we must pay attention to the horizontal and vertical can not have any large tilt and deviation. If it is construction in special circumstances, such as this place itself is inclined, we have a deviation of not more than 20 mm, That is, a range of two centimeters. If the tilt deviation is greater than two centimeters, the construction effect is definitely different.

The second is that we must confirm that it is firmly fixed and the ceramic fiber blanket must be highly consistent. In this way, it looks beautiful overall, and it also looks very consistent.

During the construction process, we should pay attention to the fire resistance test of ceramic fiber blanket. If the fire resistance test does not meet the requirements, or the fire resistance test does not achieve a good result, we need to see if the ceramic fiber blanket Is qualified,

If the refractory test fails, or if the inspection fails, this product will definitely not meet the construction requirements. Everyone must pay attention during the construction process, but proceed in the normal and correct way, because only Only in accordance with the normal and correct way can we achieve a better effect.

If it is said that such a good construction effect cannot be achieved, or that the correct construction method is not adopted during the construction process, this will affect the use problems. I hope to pay attention to these things.