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Contributions made by ceramic fiber blankets over the years

Contributions made by ceramic fiber blankets over the years

We are all familiar with ceramic fiber blanket. It is an insulation product made of high-quality charred gemstones melted at a high temperature of more than 2,000 degrees Celsius, and fused and solidified with other additives. Because of its many special properties, it has been used for many developments in my country. Made outstanding contributions.

In particular, its own excellent extensibility, shock resistance, heat insulation, stability, light weight and non-deformation at high temperatures of several thousand degrees make ceramic fiber blankets currently used in chemicals, construction, and electronics. The aerospace industry, military industry, air conditioning and refrigeration fields have played an effective role in promoting the faster development of society.

In addition, in the aerospace, electric power, and iron and steel industries that can reflect the country’s technical strength, the emergence of ceramic fiber blankets has solved the problems associated with the development of these industries with its strong high temperature resistance, seismic resistance, heat insulation, and ductility. The high temperature and severe vibration interference enable the industry to develop more smoothly.

In addition, ceramic fiber blankets are also used as excellent materials for fire protection and heat insulation in military equipment.

From the above aspects, it is not difficult to see the significant contribution made by ceramic fiber blankets after entering the market.

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