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Development of ceramic fiber blanket

Development of ceramic fiber blanket

At present, ceramic fiber blanket products have been widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, steel, electric power, construction and other industries, and have gradually been accepted by the public, but things always move forward. With the continuous advancement of technology, ceramics Fiber blanket products have gradually revealed some shortcomings.

The lining material is not selected according to the fiber lining technology and economical efficiency, resulting in high cost and short service life of the fiber lining.

The application level of ceramic fiber blanket ceramic fiber is directly related to its use effect. Even if the quality of the fiber product is slightly insufficient, the ideal application effect can be obtained by applying techniques and methods.

Therefore, in order to synchronize the application technology of China’s ceramic fiber blanket products with the production technology of ceramic fiber blankets, it is necessary to continuously carry out technological innovations.

Only by constantly advancing with the times can we open up a new situation in the development of ceramic fiber blankets.

In order to further develop the ceramic fiber blanket products, the first thing to be done is that the production must be standardized and meticulous, and must not be rough.

At present, there are still many ceramic fiber blanket products produced by many manufacturers that have problems such as rough production and irregular size, resulting in ceramic fibers.

There are many problems with the carpet product when it is applied. Secondly, the development of ceramic fiber blanket products is recommended to implement the national technical standards for ceramic fiber blanket ceramic fibers, and to formulate technical standards for newly developed products in a timely manner.

The technical performance indicators, measurement methods and measurement conditions of product standards should be consistent with international standards. Third, the development of ceramic fiber blanket ceramic fiber modules of different structures.

The ceramic fiber blanket ceramic fiber plant should be combined with the industrial furnace design department and the ceramic fiber blanket ceramic fiber use unit to develop and produce suitable for different types, different degrees of range and different uses.

Conditioned ceramic fiber carpet ceramic fiber component. The component structure, material and size should be gradually finalized and serialized.

Formulate technical standards and application specifications for ceramic fiber blanket ceramic fiber application parts, auxiliary materials, etc., and produce metal, ceramic, silicon nitride and other anchors by professional application parts and auxiliary materials;

The production and standardization of auxiliary materials such as paints are to meet the needs of different conditions and different structure kiln.

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