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Difficulties in transportation of ceramic fiber blankets

Difficulties in transportation of ceramic fiber blankets

Ceramic fiber blankets are an insulating material that is often used in construction. Ceramic fiber blankets have all the characteristics of aluminum silicate insulation materials, and the quality is light. There is no overload problem during transportation. However, ceramic fiber blankets still have difficulties in transportation. This is the aluminum silicate needle blanket. Manufacturers want to share with you.

Friends who are familiar with ceramic fiber blankets may know that this insulation material is a light transport cargo, but the volume is relatively large.

Many people think that this kind of goods is relatively easy to transport. At the very least, it should be easier to transport than heavy goods such as steel pipes. In fact, the more difficult it is to transport such goods.

Today, I will focus on the matters that should be paid attention to when transporting such insulation materials.

Why is it difficult to transport ceramic fiber blankets?

Because of the large size and light weight of this kind of insulation material, even if it is full of a truck, it will not have much weight, and it will not cause a heavy load on the car body.

This is also an advantage of transportation, but this feature makes it necessary to pay attention to some details when transporting, otherwise unexpected situations may occur on the way.

Generally, when transporting such insulation materials in large quantities, they are all purchased by the major customers of the manufacturer. The general packaging method is in the form of rolls. When loading, you should pay attention to stacking and install as many goods as possible.

Because this material must be protected from rain, snow, etc. during transportation, it is best to cover it with a canvas. It is best to use a rope to secure it.