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Discuss the application of ceramic fiber blanket

Discuss the application of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets are developed with advanced production techniques.

We will discuss it in terms of its application, specifications, types, etc.! Aluminum silicate uses advanced CWCN equipment, double-sided needle punched carpet assembly line, and its equipment and production technology are at the leading level.

Various aluminosilicate fiber needle punched blankets are made of different raw materials (such as cokestone, SiO2, Al2O3, zircon sand, etc.), and the fibers are made through sedimentation needling, heat setting, cross cutting, rolling and other processes. to make.

The texture is uniform, the surface is flat, and it has excellent tensile strength. Since the ceramic fiber blanket itself does not contain a binder, it has greatly improved the degree of heat resistance.

Ceramic fiber blanket is widely used: it can be seen in electric boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power insulation.

The chemical industry’s high-temperature reaction equipment and heating equipment’s wall lining is also no problem. There are also high-temperature pipes, special-shaped pipes, and industrial kiln wall linings.

Insulation for stress relief of weldments. Special-shaped metal castings for stress-free insulation. The roof of the kiln door is insulated.