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Environmental impact of ceramic fiber blankets

Environmental impact of ceramic fiber blankets

At present, with the widespread use of ceramic fiber blanket products, people have more and more deep understanding of the concept of “ceramic fiber blanket”.

Because ceramic fiber blankets have lower thermal conductivity than ordinary products, they will be used as thermal insulation materials. Its insulation effect is maximized.

Since the application of ceramic fiber blankets is rarely restricted by the environment, more and more people will choose ceramic fiber blanket products when selecting insulation materials, but some people still have doubts about ceramic fiber blankets.

Ceramic fiber blanket products will have a bad influence on human health. In the end, ceramic fiber blanket products will cause harm to the human body. What is the situation? Let’s discuss this issue with everyone.

First of all, it is certain that the ceramic fiber blanket will not have any impact on human health. The composition of the ceramic fiber blanket is silica and alumina.

In addition, no binder is added during the production process, so it is absorbed in the human body. After that, it can be directly excreted from the body, and there is no adverse effect on the human body. The only effect that ceramic fiber blankets may have is the effect of dust.

It is well known that the interior of ceramic fiber blanket insulation is made of fibers intertwined, which causes the ceramic fiber blanket products to produce floating fiber particles during installation. Particles can cause a certain amount of dust pollution, but it will not affect the human body.

The ceramic fiber blanket is a colorless crystal. Under normal conditions, it is not easy to volatilize or dissolve in water.

Therefore, the chemical stability of the ceramic fiber blanket is very good. Except for strong acid and alkali, it is basically free from any chemical substances.

So everyone can use it with confidence. The excellent chemical stability makes the ceramic fiber blanket products not cause any harmful environment and human body substances during use, and is safer and more environmentally friendly.

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