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Five processing methods of ceramic fiber blanket

Five processing methods of ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets are manufactured and need to be processed. Let’s take a look at the processing methods of ceramic fiber blankets:

    1. The ceramic fiber blanket should be folded into a specified size by a 20- or 25-mm ceramic fiber needle-punched blanket, and only the folded surface is folded as a high-temperature heating surface.

    2. The module should be temporarily tightened to the specified size to maintain the compression of the ceramic fiber module and its size and shape before installation.

    3. The permanent metal anchors in the MA and MB modules shall be limited to one-third of the module thickness from the low temperature end of the module and shall be embedded in a sufficient blanket to ensure structural stability of the module under various conditions of use.

    4. MA and MB modules should be assembled with pre-embedded anchors and mounting accessories.

    5. Incomplete pre-compression should be performed on the folded edge during production. The bulk density of the aluminum silicate module after compression is preferably 190 to 230 kg/m3 (excluding metal anchors).

    The processing of the ceramic fiber blanket has already been introduced to you. If you want to know more about the ceramic fiber blanket, we must first understand the processing method of it, and hope to help you.