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Fixing method of ceramic fiber blanket

Fixing method of ceramic fiber blanket

Different ceramic fiber blankets have different fixing methods, which are also determined according to the performance of the product. What are the specific fixed related knowledge points?

What do we need to pay attention to when we are fixing?

Let’s do a simple understanding together?

It is fixed by aluminum fasteners, and the corrugated ceramic fiber blanket is fixed by a bracket and a tail screw and then sealed. Its location is generally set in the middle of the cross.

The product must be covered with a screw connection. The product has large heat and cold deformation and is easily cut by self-tapping screws. Therefore, the sun plate should open a large hole in the self-tapping. The flexibility of the lighting panel should be considered when installing the lighting panel.

It does not need to be overlapped within 12m, more than 12m is required to be lapped, the length of the lap joint is 200 to 400mm, two sealants are applied at the lap joint, the lateral glue does not need to be edged, and the longitudinal ceramic fiber blanket is used. Generally, the test will not be done, but the self-tapping screws will be used directly, and the sealant will be applied. The bite plate needs to be closed.

At the same time, the longitudinal length of the ceramic fiber blanket should be set in the vicinity of the sandalwood strip, which will be relatively safe and will increase the service life of the product relatively. Therefore, based on the understanding of the fixed method, we also need In view of its current situation, mastering some skills and methods is the most important.