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Focus on ceramic fiber blanket

Focus on ceramic fiber blanket

The rapid rise of the insulation industry has accelerated the development of insulation materials. Insulation materials abound and are overwhelming. Today, let us focus on ceramic fiber blankets and pay attention to the latest developments in the insulation industry.

Ceramic fiber blanket is an inorganic fireproof material. It is white, like a rolled felt, which can be rolled up for easy transportation. The ceramic fiber blanket has strong stability, high heat resistance, good incombustibility, and good fire resistance.

Most of the ceramic fiber blankets we usually use are ordinary ceramic fiber blankets. Although they are classified as general, their high temperature resistance can reach 1000-1500 degrees Celsius. In our daily life, the function of ceramic fiber blankets is more than enough.

High-quality ceramic fiber blankets have better performance and better quality, and are used in cutting-edge fields such as aerospace, military equipment, and electronics.

Focus on ceramic fiber blankets, understand the performance of ceramic fiber blankets, and use ceramic fiber blankets correctly to maximize its performance.