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General application of ceramic fiber blanket

  1. Fillers for glass, ceramics, pigments and paints;
  2. It is an ideal substitute for titanium dioxide and high-quality kaolin in coatings. It is widely used in paints, leather, printing and dyeing, ink, paper, plastics and rubber.
  3. It is used to make high temperature fireproof sound insulation cotton, board, pipe, seam felt, fire insulation cloth, high temperature resistant paper, fire resistant insulation rope, belt, fire insulation needle acupuncture blanket (with silk, spray), brick , inorganic fireproof decorative board. Inorganic fire shutters, etc.;
  4. Used as a filler for adhesives and sealants to improve hardness, whiteness, abrasion resistance, weather resistance and storage stability.

Aluminum silicate for coating

  1. Ultra-fine aluminum silicate replaces part of titanium dioxide, its dry film hiding power does not change, and can improve the whiteness of the paint. If the amount of titanium dioxide is constant, the dry film hiding power is obviously improved, and the whiteness is greatly improved.
  2. The ultra-fine aluminum silicate has a pH range of 9.7-10.8, which has a pH buffering effect. Especially in the storage process of vinyl acetate latex paint, the phenomenon of lowering the pH value due to hydrolysis of vinyl acetate can be prevented, the dispersion stability of the latex paint is increased, and the inner wall of the metal container is prevented from being corroded.

3, the ultra-fine, mesh structure of aluminum silicate makes the latex paint system slightly thicker, has a good suspension, and prevents the appearance of solid sinking and surface water separation.

4, ultra-fine aluminum silicate makes the latex paint film has good scrub resistance, weather resistance, and can shorten the dry time.

  1. Ultra-fine aluminum silicate has a matting effect, so it can be used as an economical matting agent in semi-gloss and matt paints. It should not be used in varnish.