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High-efficiency thermal insulation material ceramic fiber blanket

High-efficiency thermal insulation material ceramic fiber blanket

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy and science and technology, the construction industry has also developed continuously, and various insulation materials are becoming more and more popular in the market, such as rubber and plastic insulation materials, rock wool insulation materials, polyurethane insulation materials and other various properties. Insulation materials are also gradually known and recognized.

There are many types of insulation materials on the market today. Insulation performance is also different. Ceramic fiber blankets are a new type of insulation material that has only emerged in the last two years. However, although it appears for a short time. However, due to its excellent thermal insulation properties, it has already occupied a place in the market.

    What are the advantages of ceramic fiber blankets? Why is it popular with everyone?

Xiaobian to analyze it briefly. The first point is to talk about the thermal insulation properties of ceramic fiber blankets.

Its thermal insulation performance is so outstanding because the main material that makes up it is aluminum silicate.
. Aluminum silicate is a new type of chemical material. Its molecular formula is composed of four different elements, and the way it is constructed is different from the general substance.

The arrangement is very tight, but it is not particularly tight. It may be that this special way makes it have this special insulation performance.

The other is the price. The market price of ceramic fiber blankets is generally not high, and it is easy to be accepted by the public because its production cost is very low.

We just said that its main material is aluminum silicate, which is a chemical material that is easy to synthesize, and the process of making ceramic fiber blankets is not complicated. These all determine that its price is not very high.

The performance of ceramic fiber blankets is so powerful that it is no wonder that it can occupy a place in the highly competitive insulation material market. Its rise is by no means accidental, it is determined by its own powerful performance. I believe that its future will also be a bright future!