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How is the ceramic fiber blanket insulated?

How is the ceramic fiber blanket insulated?

Ceramic fiber blankets have excellent thermal conductivity, low heat capacity, excellent chemical stability, excellent thermal stability, and shock resistance, excellent tensile strength, and excellent sound absorption.

The ceramic fiber blanket is made of furnace-free water-cooled wall resistance furnace, melted, and twisted, and double-sided needle-punched; the fiber length, diameter is coarse and uniform, tensile strength is high, air flow resistance is strong, and thermal stability is good.

Through the self-controlled blanket heating furnace heat treatment, the ceramic fiber product can be phase-changed in advance to reduce the high temperature shortening of the product during use; at the same time, high-quality materials and special purification and mixing production processes are used to effectively reduce the product. The impurity content in the product improves the thermal stability of the product.
The main functional characteristics of ceramic fiber blankets are summarized as follows

Small volume density, (96/128Kg/m3); low heat capacity (heat storage); low thermal conductivity; excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical vibration; no oven required; good sound insulation; high heat sensitivity;

In recent years, ceramic fiber blankets have been widely used in various occupations, including: aerospace, steel, petrochemical high temperature insulation; military equipment fire insulation; industrial furnace, heating equipment wall lining, backing insulation insulation; high temperature equipment insulation;

High temperature pipeline insulation and heat insulation; electrical components fire insulation; high temperature gasket; module, folding block material.