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How much do you know about aluminum silicate needling blankets?

How much do you know about aluminum silicate needling blankets?

Ceramic fiber blanket is mainly a kind of chemical material with good fire resistance. Its type is relatively single. There are two main types: spinnerets and blow needles.

The classification is based on differences in the methods of production. Its manufacturing process is very difficult, made after smelting at a temperature of more than 2,000 degrees Celsius plus some additives.

However, we must not underestimate the simple production of such materials-ceramic fiber blankets. It has excellent shock resistance, light weight, and excellent thermal insulation properties. This material is widely used in many industries.

For example, we often use modified materials that are used in air conditioning and refrigeration, because the temperature of the external unit of the air conditioner rises to a certain level during the use, and it will not affect the function of the external unit.

The color of the ceramic fiber blanket is white, and the anti-oxidation ability is very good. It can still ensure its own chemical stability and increase its service life under normal oxidation conditions. In addition to the more frequent application in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry, some fire-resistant rolling shutter doors also use this material.

The fire performance is commendable, and the main performance of the rolling door is fire prevention, because the material of the ceramic fiber blanket is added to the rolling door. The rolling door has a certain flame resistance, which prevents the spread of the fire. Ceramic fiber blankets are also used in some high-temperature reaction equipment. Because the temperature is too high, there are very few materials that can withstand this temperature. To ensure the normal reaction, ceramic fiber blankets must be selected as the material for thermal insulation.