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How to choose ceramic fiber blanket

How to choose ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets bring a lot of convenience to our life and work, and have been widely used and recognized in the construction, industrial, metallurgical and other industries, so it is necessary to know how to choose ceramic fiber blankets at the time of purchase. Only when the ceramic fiber blanket selected is used can the ceramic fiber blanket be cost-effective.

Since the ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of fireproof and heat insulating material, the first consideration in selecting the ceramic fiber blanket is its heat preservation and high temperature resistance.

Secondly, when choosing the ceramic fiber blanket, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether there is a bonding agent in the ceramic fiber blanket. The good ceramic fiber blanket does not contain any bonding agent. If there is a ceramic fiber blanket, then you need to carefully consider it when purchasing. Is it worth buying?

The ceramic fiber blanket is a floc-like material made by melt-drawing ceramic fiber through dry fiber. In addition to the characteristics of a general filter cloth, it has good heat resistance because it does not contain a binder itself. The amount of filter material is divided into silicon roll felt and flat felt.

The pores of ceramic fiber blankets are higher than other felt filter cloths, and the pore distribution is more uniform and reasonable; and the surface is smoother and smoother after hot-rolling singeing, so it is not easy to block and easy to clean; the surface is coated with Teflon, The smoke removal effect is better and the service life is longer.

The filter cloth should be designed to filter impurities as efficiently as possible and to easily remove dust and the like. Whether the performance of the filter cloth is superior is mainly due to its dust removal ability, so the choice of ceramic fiber blanket is mainly to see its smoothness. Generally speaking, the smoother and smoother the filter cloth, the lower the resistance during operation, and the dust adhesion can be minimized, which can save a lot of energy.