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How to choose the best quality ceramic fiber blanket

How to choose the best quality ceramic fiber blanket

As a leader in the insulation industry, ceramic fiber blankets are used in industry. The industries used include high-temperature pipe wall lining, industrial building materials, furnaces, steel, power generation, etc.

Such a wide range of applications benefit from ceramic fiber blankets. Excellent properties such as low thermal conductivity, fire resistance, and heat insulation. Then, how to distinguish between good and bad when choosing a ceramic fiber blanket, share it with everyone today.

1. The ceramic fiber blanket does not add any binder during the production process, so a good ceramic fiber blanket should be non-toxic, harmless and odorless. And has a good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion.

2. From the appearance, the content of the slag ball on the surface of the high quality ceramic fiber blanket is extremely low, and there are no other impurities. The color of the exterior should be pure white, the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket with a yellow appearance will be almost the same, and the ceramic fiber blanket has a high content of slag balls, and the thermal insulation performance will be slightly inferior.

However, if the temperature requirements are not very high, such a ceramic fiber blanket is enough to meet people’s daily needs, and the price will be lower.

3. The high ceramic fiber blanket has a very high temperature resistance and can work at a maximum temperature of 1350 ° C. Because of its softness, it can be adapted to various occasions, and the application range in each field is basically unlimited.

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