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How to do cracks on ceramic fiber blankets?

How to do cracks on ceramic fiber blankets?

When we use ceramic fiber blankets, we sometimes find cracks. If we don’t handle them well, there will be some unnecessary troubles. Therefore, in order to ensure that it can fully utilize its utilization when used, if the product There is a problem with cracks, and we need to pay special attention to it. What is the cause of the crack?

  1. Caused by excessive fineness of the fiber fineness and excessive mud content.
  2. The water absorption rate of the cement fiber blanket is too high, and the frost heaving in winter causes cracks.
  3. The mixing is uneven, and the stress is caused by the inconsistent shrinkage.
  4. The proportion of cement is too large and the number is too high, which leads to the early shrinkage of the ceramic fiber blanket too large and too fast.

5, the flexibility index is not enough, the elongation is small, so that the resistance of the ceramic fiber blanket is reduced.

For the cause of cracks in the ceramic fiber blanket, in addition to its own factors, there are external influences, so we must be all-in-one when we think about the problem, and master the timely information to better handle the problem.