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How to do cracks on ceramic fiber blankets?

How to do cracks on ceramic fiber blankets?

Ceramic fiber blankets are used by more and more industries. When we use them, cracks sometimes occur. This will affect normal use and cause unnecessary losses. How do we deal with this situation? ?

Please see the introduction of this article.

  1. Caused by excessive fineness of the fiber fineness and excessive mud content.
  2. The water absorption rate of the cement fiber blanket is too high, and the frost heaving in winter causes cracks.
  3. The mixing is uneven, and the stress is caused by the inconsistent shrinkage.

4, the proportion of cement is too large, the label is too high, leading to early shrinkage too large and too fast.

5, the flexibility index is not enough, the elongation is small, so that the resistance to deformation is reduced.

The above is the introduction of the cracks in the ceramic fiber blanket, I hope to be able to help everyone.

When using it, be sure to remember the precautions mentioned in this article to avoid rupture of the product caused by improper operation and affect the use of the product.