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How to identify ceramic fiber blanket

How to identify ceramic fiber blanket

“Science and technology are primary productive forces”,

In recent years, this sentence has been repeatedly mentioned, and people are practicing this sentence with practical actions.

Artisans in various fields continue to use their own technology to carry out technological innovation, which has brought a lot of driving force for China’s economic development.

In the field of insulation products, because of the excellent insulation, heat insulation, shock resistance and other properties of insulation products, it is recognized by various industries.

Among the various insulation products, the ceramic fiber blanket is more prominent. Because the ceramic fiber blanket has good toughness and tension, it can be used in various places. Its application range is not limited by shape. Let’s discuss it with everyone. How to identify the good or bad of the ceramic fiber blanket.

First of all, to understand the production process of ceramics, ceramic fiber blankets are made of double-sided fibers to process the insulation cotton with fibers into a blanket. The ceramic fiber blanket is distinguished from the appearance, mainly to see if the appearance of the ceramic fiber blanket is There are impurities, the purity of the color. Good ceramic fiber blankets contain no impurities, low slag content, pure white color, and the general quality of yellowish color will be slightly inferior. Insulation products.

Secondly, the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket can also be judged by its volume. If the weight per cubic meter is about 100 kg, the upper and lower will not exceed 100 kg.

This is a way for users to identify good or bad in real time at the time of purchase, but the accuracy of this method may not be too high, so users need to combine other methods to make judgments at the time of purchase.

Third, in addition to judging the ceramic fiber blanket from the appearance, the user can also judge the chemical composition of the ceramic fiber blanket by looking at the manufacturer’s product description. Users can also go to a specialized testing agency for identification to ensure the quality of the products they buy.

In addition to the above methods, users can also ensure product quality by purchasing from quality-guaranteed manufacturers. Our company produces all kinds of high-quality ceramic fiber blankets all the year round. Welcome customers to visit our company. We will be happy to provide you with the best service.