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How to judge the quality of ceramic fiber blanket

How to judge the quality of ceramic fiber blanket

In the process of selecting ceramic fiber blankets, we must learn to judge the quality of them. This will have a great impact on our future use. Therefore, we must consider not only the price of the products, but also the production technology level of the manufacturers. The quality of the use of the product, then how should we judge?

Let’s get to know each other.

  1. First of all, look at the color. A good ceramic fiber blanket is white in color, and yellow is generally a low-grade product.
  2. A good product is formed by the twisting process. The long fibers are relatively tight when intertwined, tear-resistant, good tensile strength, and the short short-fiber ceramic fiber blanket is easy to be shredded, and the rebound resilience is poor. It is easy to shrink and break.
  3. Look at the content of the slag ball inside. The good ceramic fiber blanket containing slag balls is generally less than 15%. The fiber blanket is torn open to see if it contains some brown or black residue.

Judging the quality of the ceramic fiber blanket, it seems to be very simple, there are many doorways inside, but you can start with the method of getting started, and learn more about it step by step.