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How to pack ceramic fiber blanket

How to pack ceramic fiber blanket

With the increasing use of ceramic fiber blankets, people are paying attention to other aspects of their special attention while paying attention to their quality.

The packaging of ceramic fiber blankets is one of the points that people began to pay attention to. Most of the current packaging of ceramic fiber blankets is in woven bag or carton packaging. The difference between the two packaging methods is discussed below. Let’s discuss it with everyone.

The woven bag packaging is currently a more expensive packaging method.

The advantage of this packaging method is that the packaging process is simplified, and it is only necessary to put the ceramic fiber blanket into the woven bag and then seal the opening.

Due to its simple packaging process, its production costs are also reduced. The woven bag packaging allows the ceramic fiber blanket to take up less space when loading and more cargo.

However, most woven bags are extremely easy to break, so pay special attention when loading and unloading goods.

Due to the high cost of carton packaging, there are still relatively few people currently using it, but the carton is far more wear-resistant and stronger than the woven bag.

One of the great advantages of carton packaging is that it can be customized according to the size of the ceramic fiber blanket, so that the appearance is good and the ceramic fiber blanket can be completely put into the carton to avoid being deformed by extrusion, so that it will not be improperly handled during loading and unloading. Instead, the ceramic fiber blanket is affected.

The above two packaging methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the packaging method needs to be judged according to the consumer’s use.