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How to polish ceramic fiber blanket

How to polish ceramic fiber blanket

After the ceramic fiber blanket is sintered and cooled, it does not represent the end of the product processing. Some products still do not meet the application requirements. Therefore, it needs to be processed, that is, the polishing treatment, then when the polishing process is performed. What should we start with?

The specific introduction is as follows:

  1. Grinding and polishing with Al2O3 micropowder or diamond paste.
  2. Ceramic fiber blankets are processed by laser processing and ultrasonic processing.

3, the need for glazing method (suitable for products with high surface smoothness).

  1. Grinding from coarse to fine grades with diamond, silicon carbide, etc., which are harder than ceramic fiber blankets.

At the same time, the surface of the material of the ceramic fiber blanket is processed by ion implantation, which is a supplement to the existing toughening mechanism and is a deep processing of the prepared product. Through the above, I hope everyone can help.