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How to process ceramic fiber blanket

How to process ceramic fiber blanket

Ceramic fiber blankets have strict requirements on quality and raw materials, and their processing methods are also very strict. Correctly mastering the processing methods makes production simple. What are the common processing methods for professional manufacturers? Let’s take a look at the following:

The first point is that the aluminum silicate silk needle acupuncture blanket should be made of ceramic fiber needle-punched blanket with a thickness of 20 or 25mm. After folding into a specified size, the folded wrinkle surface is used as a high-temperature heating surface; Temporarily tighten to the specified size to maintain the amount of compression and size and shape of the ceramic fiber module prior to installation.

The second point of processing is the permanent metal anchor in the MA and MB modules, as it is limited to one-third of the module thickness from the low temperature end of the module, and should be embedded with enough blanket to ensure the module under various conditions of use. The structure can be stabilized; the MA and MB modules should also be assembled with the pre-embedded anchors and mounting accessories.

Friendly reminder: In the production, the folded edge should be incompletely pre-compressed (the bulk density of the aluminum silicate module after compression should be 190-230kg/m3).