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How to properly store ceramic fiber blankets to ensure quality

How to properly store ceramic fiber blankets to ensure quality

When it comes to ceramic fiber blankets, some people may not know what it is, but it is a well-loved environmentally friendly material for people in the industrial high-temperature manufacturing industry. It has good refractory insulation effect, green energy saving, and quality assurance in daily storage. What are the requirements for the storage environment?

  Ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of lightweight refractory material. It can be used for filling and sealing heat insulation in high temperature environment and various industrial furnace lining. The sound absorption and filtering effect is good, the heat efficiency is high, the color is white, the size is regular without any bonding agent, and the fire resistance is combined. Insulation in one, temperature resistance 950-1400 degrees Celsius, with good tensile strength and toughness,

In order to ensure the use effect, there are strict requirements on the storage environment of the material. The material has certain anti-corrosion properties, but it cannot be mixed with strong alkali and acid in some storage, which may cause the needle-punched carpet to fail.

Secondly, the warehouse should not be too wet or directly exposed to the sun’s light. Both are not conducive to the storage of the fiber blanket, which will cause the product to crack or mold, so the extreme environment of both should be avoided, and the packaging and storage should be dust-proof. .

  Ceramic fiber blankets have high temperature resistance and shock resistance, good elongation, fire resistance and wear resistance. They are widely used in aviation, high temperature manufacturing and other high temperature manufacturing industries. They are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, and are new environmentally friendly materials that replace asbestos. It is favored by consumers.