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How to transport ceramic fiber blankets in spring

How to transport ceramic fiber blankets in spring

It is well known that ceramic fiber blankets are a cost-effective insulation material, and people usually choose to buy them when they first enter the winter.

However, some consumers will choose to buy in the off-season of the relative ceramic fiber blanket in the spring, which will not affect the winter use in the coming year. Secondly, the off-season purchase can save a lot of cost, so that consumers can buy at a lower price. To a more cost-effective product.

What should I pay attention to when buying and transporting ceramic fiber blankets in the spring? Let’s discuss it with everyone.

The climatic characteristics of spring are closely related to the transportation of ceramic fiber blankets.

China has a monsoon climate. Although the spring temperature is high, the climate is relatively dry and there is often a strong wind, which brings inconvenience to the transportation of ceramic fibers.

Especially in the north of China, the spring weather is dry and there are often dust, floating and other weather. If the protective measures are not carried out when transporting the ceramic fiber blanket, the dust will adhere to the ceramic fiber blanket.

Not only will it affect the appearance of the fiber blanket, but its post-installation will also be affected to some extent. Therefore, when purchasing ceramic fiber blankets, consumers should be able to look at the weather ahead of time and let the manufacturers transport them. Try not to transport ceramic fiber blankets in windy weather.

If time is tight, it is best to transport the vehicles with large compartments when transporting, or cover the ceramic fiber blanket with canvas to prevent the wind from blowing the ceramic fiber blanket.

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