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How to weight the ceramic fiber blanket

How to weight the ceramic fiber blanket

I believe that everyone knows about the ceramic fiber blanket. If you want to use it better, you should know about its weight identification knowledge. Here is how to identify the ceramic fiber blanket:

    1, appliances: platform scale, weighing 50g. The instrument must hold a valid certificate from the national metrology department. When using the weighing instrument, it should be calibrated according to the technical regulations stipulated by the national metrology department. The weight of each piece of the aluminized silicate wire acupuncture or the amount measured each time shall not be less than 1/10 of the maximum weighing value of the weighing instrument.

    2, operating procedures

    (1) Gross weight: The total number of packages sampled by quality, and the scaled instrument is overweight.

However, according to the size of the difference of each cargo, the sampling ratio can be appropriately increased or reduced until the appraisers think it is representative.

    (2) Tare: In the package checked, take 5 to 10 pieces and weigh the tare and calculate the average tare weight.

    (3) Net weight: Calculate the total net weight of the gross weight part according to the gross weight and the tare weight. If the total net weight of the gross weight part and the specified total net weight difference are within 2‰, the net weight of the whole batch is considered to be consistent; if more than 2‰ At the time, the whole batch weight is calculated according to the net weight of the balance.

    For the knowledge of the weight identification of ceramic fiber blankets, I believe that after you understand it, it will be more conducive to everyone’s use. For the above knowledge, we will introduce this to you.